Couchlet - Stylish Device with Two USB Outlets that Fits anywhere

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Stylish Device with Two USB Outlets that Fits anywhere



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Mobile is now a days our 27/7 companion. There is no need to left it anymore while you are in Couch for a relax or in the bathroom. Couchlet has two USB port which lets you to use your phone while charging and take your phone anywhere.

Wedged shape design lets it fit anywhere and the folding design gives it extra stability to fit it even in furniture.
6 foot USB cable with two port.

It's super-slim and lightweight. You can take your phone with couchlet any where you go.


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Keeping it all organized is a must these days with all the gadgets out there one has to carry! Nice design and above all useful! Nice hunt!


Yeah what would be better if you can bring your phone anywhere while charging!

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