App-Elles - A free safety app to help women and girls

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A free safety app to help women and girls


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Hunter's comment

App Elles is an app for the safety of Girls and Women, who usually are the victim of violence in life. What it does is it allow the user to alert the contacts and call them in times necessary.

Precisely it has three features , the first one is WARNING, the second is CALLING and the last one is SEARCHING. In addition to that it has a bracelet which has the feature of Streaming Protocol (Live & recorded Audio Streaming) .

It is indeed a Safe way to feel Secure at times necessary.

App download link

For more information Click here


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In our society the women and girls are a character which always face different problems at house, office or anywhere. They faced sexual harassment also a victim of violence in their whole life. So they should be take care of their safety too much. "App-Elles" is an amazing app installed in smartphone which connected with the bracelet, so it can track and keep alert to emergency Numbers and other mentioned contacts get notification if someone is in danger. So It is a great gift for girls and women for their safety. @rehan12 it is a cool hunting.
I suggested you to put this video clip in your post for making more attractive and understandable.


Yes I agree with you Rabeel and this situation is indeed in most of the countries and the females are being the victim of Harassment and violence, only if the people who are doing this can get to understand the feeling of this things being done with their own that is when they could have understood the pain of it. While thanks for the feedback and I will soon add the video as well.

Wow, Every woman should use this app to protect them from other people who want to attack them. It is connected with family and emergency service. They can feel save now.


Thanks for sharing your view and yeah it could be of use to many I believe : )

Nice hunt. Women safety is a big concern in many parts in India. Women don't to go out alone at night and in today's day and age, denying women that freedom is shocking and appalling.

With this app, women can call the police and if something drastic happens, there can be video evidence to catch the offender.


Not only in India but I believe in many countries as well. While as long as we do not change the way of our thinking it will not be less but hope we get to achieve that some day. Thanks for feedback by the way.

This is an app i will recommend every women and girls to have. As it is a good resort to meet the needs of the gender. less stigmatization, less isolation and above all free and intuitive to use.

I love this hunt and i'm boosting it.


Thanks for the kind feedback and yeah at many parts of the world still Women harassing is still a big issue while this app could help the users in few ways.


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Good luck and happy hunting!

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Gift for girls and women. Much needed app to comtrol the voilence against girls and women. Features like live streaming and calling will help to control the voilence. Great hunt


Thanks buddy for the feedback

We men should also have this kind of app, this app should be available for all genders and all age we also need security you know. Our kids might also need this for emergency purposes, not just for Women and Girls.


Well if we think of that way than it sure could be of use to every gender as spoken while few colors of bands wearing them might look a little bit odd for few ;) but yeah having them for all gender might sound a little bit perfect as well.

Thanks for dropping by buddy !!

A very useful app for girls and woman. Sometimes we are hearing some terrible stories with related to violence against woman. Unfortunately many of the incidents are nit reported due to many of the victims are afraid or shame to say it in public. With this app and device now woman can be some what secure as the features allows them to alert, contact and find a right channel to discussed the issues.
Great hunt


Yes @dinsha that is indeed an issue and thanks for giving your feedback and like you stated this app could be of help instead of having nothing in the mode of security of those using it. Thanks for dropping by.

It seems very helpful safety product which is most caring full for all the girls or women. Connected with the all important work, it could be beneficial to all the woman. Every girl want safety with own work and done with on time.

Truly Brother, I'm very happy and of course, you have presented a very important app to us that apps are more useful to women and it will certainly play an important role in their health because they do not want to highlight the problems that they have so many problems. Much benefit

Technology can definitely play its important role in protecting the weakest and who else is weaker than children or women. Though the tool can be improved a lot yet at this point, it's good to go and would a great deal for those in need. Thumbs up.


Thanks buddy and yeah no one really knows which bit of help could be life saving and yeah tech has been a part of life and it is indeed improving a lot of positivity in our life for good.

Statistically, women are much more violence victims than men. But still, there is a number of men who are also facing the same problem. So, this app could serve them as well. It is good to see that there are apps like this one, helping this category of people who are already scared and need help. I especially like the bracelet that allows discrete and fast alert without using the phone. Great hunt!

This is a must to have for every ladies out there, I personally will get it for my wife and baby girl. Thanks so much for this hunt.... It's so easy to explore reason why I love it.

cool hunt Rehan very nice indeed it would be a great app for all females whatever the circumstance are females always be a victim of some sort of violence so this app might help and I really appreciate the 3 features they have described


Yes unfortunately it is indeed the truth that Females becomes victims of various stages in their life while hope the situation changes in the coming days of ours, while thanks for the feedback.

Being an easy to use mobile app coupled with the fact that it comes with a live stream and tracking bracelet, the safety of the female child is assured. This is an awesome app. Nice hunt


Thanks for the feedback buddy and yeah it could be of help to many .

App-Elles will very helpful for women and teenager. Unfortunately women are the victim of sexual harrasment and more. To get rid of this bad ,App-Elles is very handy to make them safe.As it is with real time tracking with bracelet if they're in danger it'll alert police. Great tool for Women and girls. It's features are very good.
Good hunt buddy.

Absolutely genius. Nowadays womens and girls are the main victim of violence and it happens in everywhere. If they have this app then they can get freedom and will not be harmed in any way. The cool things about this app is Warning, Calling and searching. So if they got into trouble they will be warned first then the app will call automatically after that it will show or search for location of safe place. Beautiful creation.

Yes This app will help girls and women. In modern time girls and women humiliate a lot in the world. This app will help the humiliate women . I really like the function of 3 Alert.

Nice app.. i think this app is solution for protect womens.


Yeah could help in many ways. Thanks for dropping by !!

Wow! What a hunt.This is the most important product for girls who are victim of harassment.but I need to know it's use and price.


Thanks for the feedback and yeah for more info you can visit the site and for the price the App is Free to use and the Bracelet is USD 24.92 .

Women and girls will really be happy for you sharing this. Nice


Yeah that could do a lot of security for them. Thanks for dropping by buddy !!

Firstly I say that this app is very useful for every woman . Many feature indeed this application. You find me good app for women and girls. Your hunt is really perfect hunt.

cool Hunt

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This is a app that I recommend everyone to have