RITS Browser - Fast, Safe & Smart Browser

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RITS Browser

Fast, Safe & Smart Browser


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This is the first lightweight browser to incorporate live TV, online games and many aggregated services for your android phone. At its core RITS Browser is a lightweight, super fast and safe mobile browser which provides you a speedy and superior private surfing experience same as chromium by google




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this looks like a cool browser,i will install it soon.

A very nice app. I can take regular mobile recharge from this app. Although there are some problems with the app, this app is great in all respects.

First of all I admire your services & browser because both are excellent but there is one point on which I have objection that you every second or third day changes your policy about unlocking recharge option..... request you to make a stable policy about it..

I wouldn't mind some competition in browsers. But so far I haven't found anything to beat Brave :)

Just installed and started browsing. It has already crashed 3 times and am not sure how many times more it will do so before I can do what I want to. I can not also find the adblock option in the settings though it's mentioned there.

Best Browser I used since 6 hours and I love it. The recharge section is going to be good treat her user. I love it

RITS Browser is very beautiful and super fast and secure mobile browser. RITS Browser is the first app to include multiple services. Thanks for using.

Good and interesting find. I really like to paying online games.

This browser that allows faster and easier access to the pages, it is essential thanks for showing us this

This looks like one of the better mobile browsers, given that it is fairly lightweight and allows you to do what you can do on a laptop.

Wow! What a great browser you have searched. This is quite an useful browser with which we can easily browse on internet. Great Hunt!


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Great browser,I’ll install it...