Atomex - Crypto Wallet & Atomic swap DEX

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Crypto Wallet & Atomic swap DEX



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Atomex — is a non-custodial crypto wallet with a built in Atomic swap decentralized exchange (DEX). You can store, use and swap cryptocurrencies between different blockchains


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It looks like a nice crypto wallet and a decentralized exchange for variety of crypto services in one platform

i converted several tens of thousands in $$$ using this apps unfortunately there are still some Bugs however if you have funds stuck in a limbo recover your seed in trust wallet

It's my first crypto wallet. Easy to try it with a Testnet account before to use it for real coins. Cool!

wallet with swap seems good combination because holding and trading is here like exchange

Fazar software is very good and user-friendly about currency cryptocurrencies, which is very useful for everyone. I hope you, like me, do not encounter any problems in using this software.

Decentralised exchanges are the future of the crypto space. We can use them to be safe

A great crypto Wallet and Atomic swap DEX.

With growing crypto demand we need more exchanges and wallets to accommodate this increased demand and provide better and safe services


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