VueJs - Framework intuitive, modern and easy-to-use features

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Framework intuitive, modern and easy-to-use features


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A framework to learn and use progressively
VueJS calls itself a progressive framework. When we face a development with VueJS, we can indicate which parts of the framework we want to include. VueJS is modularized in different separate libraries that allow you to add functionality when you need them.

The modularization in libraries of a framework is not something new in front development. Both ReactJS and Angular have a similar organization of their base code. What differentiates VueJS from other alternatives is how well decoupled these parts are, how easy it is to extend core functionality and how well all its parts work once it is decided to include more modules.

The main core of VueJS is formed by a library in charge of rendering views in the browser. Its way of organizing the code is by means of small components that contain all the HTML, CSS and JavaScript necessary to function as an independent piece. These pieces are composed in a hierarchical tree of components to form our application. Using this library is as easy as importing the script into our HTML page.

If all we need as developers is a better way to organize and render our small visual components, we stay there and not include anything else. At the time that our application began to grow, we have libraries to manage the routes of our application as a vue-router or with libraries to manage the global status of the application such as vuex. If our application had to have a great optimization or have good SEO, we can include and work with vue-server-rendering.



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