Animal Super Squad - A crazy platform game full of dangers

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Animal Super Squad

A crazy platform game full of dangers




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Hunter's comment

We are looking at a game that mixes platforms and careers in an adventure game in which physicists are the main protagonists. This means that sometimes we will have to start a game again if we have not overcome the first obstacle and we see that there is no way to go backwards, for example, because the vehicle has been destroyed.

In Animal Super Squad we start the game with a small animal, in which we can only move sideways and jump. Then we will get a rocket car that will help us to move faster and destroy the barriers, but we will not always get on the vehicle, there are areas where we will have to get off to continue.

Along the level we will find a great variety of obstacles, traps, explosives and platforms that will try to avoid that we arrive alive to the goal. Luckily there will be different checkpoints so you do not have to start from the beginning of the game.

Animal Super Squad aims to become a game of virtually infinite levels, as it comes with a community of players that from the PC and console versions (PS4, Nintendo Switch and soon Xbox One) have a level editor. In Android and iOS we can play at the levels created by the community. In the game we will also see the most outstanding levels.

Animal Super Squad does not include more purchases. All the characters and personalizations are unlocked by collecting bananas.



Hunter: @raulmz

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  • very funny
  • available in multi platform
  • free in google play
  • you dont have to pay any more, because all the costumes will be unlocked while you are playing


  • nothing

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