Smart Forspeed Concept - The smart forspeed

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Smart Forspeed Concept

The smart forspeed



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cars with technology for the future with lustric strength, which can reduce emissions and are pollution free, with two seats that are almost glassless, making your journey more attractive in the city.

unique design, has no roof with advanced technology that provides comfort in driving it enjoys the freedom of blowing agin you definitely like it.



Hunter: @rahmads

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Really love this car @rahmads But why would you not integrate a rooftop, which you can take off when you want it? Other than that it seems to be perfect and pretty good looking?

Keep up the good work and enjoy the day @rahmads

you need to correct your title from 'as fast as the wind' to 'Smart Forspeed Concept' -- thank you.

Thanks, edited

I like Cabriolet Cars so much and Smart Forspeed Concept is exactly what I like the most. Perfect hunt.

NYC hunt @rahmads. I want to drive this amazing car with my girlfriend. Thank you for sharing this car.

It's a very technological car with an open top. I would like to travel with this vehicle in the city. The view is spectacular. It's like the futuristic films that comes to our world today. An incredible hunt.

Very Unique design
Nice Hunt,


  • Unique and stylish Design
  • Electric Car
  • No Roof, no side windows
  • Two Seater


  • None

Smart Forspeed Concept's designation is awesome and it is so innovative. I would like to have experience with it. Perfect hunt.

Great hunt @rahmads

It has a great design and a very elegant. It's also an electric and environmentally friendly car. I definitely wanted to go around town with this tool. It's really cool and fast.

thanks for the changes. verified.

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to me this has a unique word. comfort.

Here is my opinion-

  1. Awesome Design
  2. Compact and small
  3. Eco friendly


  1. Not found


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