Transparent kayak - See what you've never seen before

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Transparent kayak

See what you've never seen before



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Hunter's comment

The transparent kayak offers you a incredible views of crystal clear water of lakes, river & ocean. It takes the next higher level of your boating experinced which you never have before & you can trip out with your friend in the water for a unique visibiltiy.


  • 2 people can seat easily & these seats are adjustable.

  • Extremely durable polycarbonate sheeting.

  • Easy to assembles.

  • High Visibility Buoyancy Pouches.

  • Lightweighted & fully secured.

For more information please checkout their website!



Hunter: @raghwendra

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This awesome! Im glad i boosted this hunt, keep up hunting cool products!

This awesome! Im glad
I boosted this hunt, keep up
Hunting cool products!

                 - chuuuckie

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

It's really an awesome boat to sail in the sea (of course) hahha, you can barely see the things below on you when you sail using this boat, it is a good thing for tourist who wants to sail the sea and wants to have adventure. Nice Job hunter!

The name looks like coming from turkish language "kayak" or maybe turkish language uses that from a different one. Its fund for sure riding it:)

It's given me a new experience with a simple idea. It would be stable if I could see it from below, and even more frightening if I couldn't see anything. I don't think anyone with a phobia can buy it.

Incredible Hunt! Stunning design and adjustable seat for 2 persons and lightweight having more features in this transparent kayak. Enjoy your journey with kayak Good luck and Nice Hunt you shared With us thanks

I really do not like boating but this looks like a lot of excitement. The aesthetic design and the ability to see the water below while moving is totally a worthy thing to experience. Cool hunt

Thanks for the comment mate....

Voting weight : 100%
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Thanks for the support @monjam! Really appreciated 👏

lightweight and easy to assemble is all that you need while going for an adventurous trip. A good product but difficult to assemble it makes it annoying and hence not a successful product. With Transparent kayak that is not the case - its just so easy to assemble it make it appealing. Great hunt.

I imagine the ambient that the transparent kayak gives is beatiful and relaxing.

Most lovable Transparent kayak

Wow, It's a cool & different kind of design the boats. the concept of advance technology. great easy to use and transparent boat makes easy to assemble. Your search is very nice.

Awesome hunt! best of luck 👍👍👍

As i mention in the past... simple ideas are most of the times the most practical and successful ones and this kayak shows it. For sure the idea of having a transparent one increase the experience of sailing and makes it more enjoyable specially if you are sailing with kids.

@raghwendra Cool hunt. This is awesome to have the bottom transparent. You get to see everything down there. So cool and awesome. Great hunt.

I'm glad that you like it this hunt & thanks for them comment....


Awesome Hunt @raghwendra

Though I have never done Kayaking, this seems to be amazing in design for adventure lover. This is very lightweight. The seats and chambers are removable. To avoid corrosion, they have use the concept of advance polymer. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Incredible one!!!


I'm glad that you like it this hunt & thanks for the comment...

You are welcome :)

It's a really interesting kayak. I think it'll double the pleasure of kayaking. I think I can observe various fish under kayak. That sounds like fun. I really like it. Thank you for sharing.

Thanks for the comment mate.....

Woww! I would really wanted to ride in this kayak wherein i can see the beauty of the sea. Awesome!

It is amazing. Transparent kayak, I can't imagine it before. It is cool. We can see fish in the water.

Cool Hunt!

This kayak looks cool. Its seats are adjustable and it is easy to assemble. It gives user experience to view under the water. Great hunt.

From visibility to strength, this kayak has all the good features that can make anyone fall in love with it. This could be game-changer as lot of other companies might follow this design.

Lots of Love for this amazing "Transparent kayak" intoducing here @raghwendra.

We can see now which we cannot see before because transparent kayak gives us wonderful views of crystal clear water of lakes, river & ocean. We can enjoy the whole scene with our friend in the water for a unique visibility due to this boat. It is no doubt a perfect for adventure lovers.

Now that you don't have to go into the ocean, you can look down. It's a great way to look at the surface of the water while rowing.

Thanks for the comment mate....

Wao What a wonderful and useful product.kayak looks so impressive 2 peoples sitting capacity.Very easy to control.You are so enjoying in the water with the help of this kayak.This kayak totally different look for others boats.Very attractive sound.You see fishes.You see more animsls in the water.Everyone like to travel in this kayak.Everyone like this great produt.Really very cool hunt.Thanks for sharing

Los grandes productos y los beneficios de este producto son:

  • Ofrece vistas al lago, río y mar que es muy claro.
  • Toma el siguiente nivel más alto de experiencia de navegación que nunca ha experimentado antes
  • Puedes salir con tus amigos en el agua para una visibilidad única.

That will be very cool to be seeing what's below you. Know when there's crocodile or shark right below your kayak! 😃

LOL...and they will try to eat us on seeing we floating. i am afraid of that. better put the kayak in the water where there is no corcs and sharks.

Hahaaaa thanks for the comment mate....

Wow a great transparent kayak and 2 people can ride. Durable and comfortable.

Thanks @raghwendra this hunt is great.

It's very Interesting hunt, transparent bottom cause to be scared and amazing.


When the water is clear you can observe fish, this is a whole new view in a kayak. I find a nice idea and great hunting.

It's a cool design for kayak but the price is cool too($1899) 😓
Using this kayak when there are piranhas around will make us sweating + lose consciousness.

Enjoy underwater viewing while kayaking. It is durable and can fit 2 persons. It's great for hangouts with friends and family. Great hunt!

Next time when I go camping, we must get this transparent kayak. It is cool to be able to see what is underneath. Thank you for the hunt.

Great hunt

being in a transparent boat makes us feel the latest innovation, where we can see the underwater scenery and feel like walking on water,

It is such a cool and amazing idea to explore the aquatic life with a clear and normal vision. On the other hand you can with one of your companion too. A completely unique thing for me.


Transparent kayak seems a new idea that can allows having a better experience in the water. Lightweight, easily adjustable and perfect foe two people to have some memorable times in the company of water. Perfect hunt.

Transparent kayak seems an interesting stuff. It is looking so cool and the design of kayak is awesome. Overall a great hunt. Keep it up

This is really good for relaxation in the middle of calm water, i have on my mind what if i have this one i am exploring the beautiful island of El Nido, Palawan. hmmm sounds really cool, nice hunt!

Swining inside or out side the water is alway attract me but this kind of boat which give your transprint view during rafting its such a amazing view. Nice hunt

Very cool kayak. this kayak is suitable for sailing in eastern indonesia where there's many of beautiful sea and diving spot there

You must be kidding me!
More like a transparent canoe or should I say boat.. unique idea and it is a beauty to the idea

This great, I would like to be able to take a walk in and go observing the osean wherever you go. I love good hunting.

Durability eliminates fear of falling into water (if you are someone like me)
User friendly, not a lot of technicalities involved in assemblage
Compact and easy to carry


This is cool and if I lived somewhere near a nice clean lake or river I would love to own one. I live in Manchester, UK and our rivers even though they are improving are still very dirty and full of rubbish. Nice hunt!

great product since we can see the whole marine world that is below you without having to take a risk looking at the side of the boat although you also have to keep in mind that not only can you see downwards as also the different animals that you can see then they can be frightened by the movement inside the boat even though it is a great hunting

this kayak very cool and can see underneath. truly the best thing when kayaking. cheers for the hunt

Transparent kayak is a great product and it will enhance the boating experience. One could now see the fish and other aquatic life while exploring the water.

WOW, what a kayak! This is something closer to my heart and I would love to have a ride on it. All the features are great and there are no cons for this except the price that is not mentioned above.

Transparent ski kayak produced from a durable track. This kayak helps you see the seas underneath the oceans and lakes. It also lets you see animals you don't see. A boat to enjoy.

Yes mate & thanks for the comment....

Wow! Its like a fairy tale, I could imagine myself in it already. Great concept all round

  • Pros.

easy to assemble.


Cool design.

awesome experience.

  • Cons.
    no one.

Many people boarded a boat. Most boats are usually made of wood. A very different kind of design produced the boats.

adventurous product and easy to assemble, lightweight and durable makes Transparent kayak very appealing. Thanks for sharing such a great product.

This transparent kayak is superb! I would also love to use this one for i could now see the beauty of whats in the sea. Great

I have experienced kayak before but it would be amazing to see underwater by transparent kayak. Great hunt.

♥♥Best one,,,

Aswame hunt..♥♥

♥♥Keep it up......

So usefull hunt...♥♥

Emerge and be the same with the nature is what this transparent kayak makes you feel like. Where is this ending and where the nature starts is for you to find out.

Want to make a boat trip with your friend? and also want to see the gold of the lake? This product will give you a good time.

I think it is cool to see that we can see the world which is hidden in the beauty of nature.

I can feel the stylist of this, and it will be so much fun to travel inside the best boat.

For the first time I see this type of boat, I have to travel inside this boat,

I will therefore try to get his full life from the internet. "Thank you"

I have never been on a kayak but for the first time, I would like to try it on transparent kayak. It would be more interesting. Great hunt.

NIce hunt. You really got me because have never seen this truly. A product that offers an incredible views of crystal clear water of lakes, river & ocean.

This is really a wonderful hunt. Thanks for sharing.

It's a great thing to see

I've never seen such a kayak before. Very thoughtful work.

I love boating and all these cool features can make sea exploration a lot more fun:

2 people can seat easily & these seats are adjustable.

Extremely durable polycarbonate sheeting.

Easy to assembles.

High Visibility Buoyancy Pouches.

Lightweighted & fully secured.

Superb hunt!

Nice transparent kayak where you can see everything what is beneath your boat. This could be good or sometimes bad but its a great easy to use and affordable water sports. Great Hunt!


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