maymay - Awareness Baby Health for Mothers

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Awareness Baby Health for Mothers



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Maymay is incredible app for whole family, So that pregnant women can look after and be alert about their baby while in their womb and also took guidelines from this application about the health and nutrition of their new born baby.

Maymay features a news feed where you can learn all about maternal, child, and female health & receive helpful push notifications timed for the 9 months of your pregnancy, plus the first two years of your baby's life.



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Hi @rabeel, it looks like your weblink is a little off... it's the search screen of the App store. Could you please fix up the link using the Steemhunt Edit function?


Hii @urbangladiator, plz check I have made the edits as per your guideline, thanks.


@urbangladiator (MODERATOR), Still waiting for your response.

Good project, excellent app for parents of newborn babies. Great help for them to monitor their health. Very good Hunt @rabeel

an incredible step to help pregnant woman also her family as well as for future .This app will ensure extra care through pregnancy. I'll recommend this app to my near people

Do you know why I find this really valuable, because my wife would soon become a mum
I really loved this hunt
Thanks for sharing

Great hunt @rabeel! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Proper food and nutrition is important for baby healthy growth. maymay is a great app for mom to keep their baby healthy in womb.

It's a great initiative to spread the massage on mother's health. During pregnancy women need much care and awareness about their baby's health.
This app is not only for a specific nation rather can be very helpful for all.
Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

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This is something that I looking for , me and my wife we are very pleased about this . So much helpful features, thanks a lot for sharing great job