Zboard 2 - The Hands-Free Electric Skateboard

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Zboard 2

The Hands-Free Electric Skateboard



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Hunter's comment

This is actually one of the best designed electric skateboards I have come across. Made from rosewood with a maximum travel range up to 24 miles and a top speed of 20mph.

This also comes with headlights to enable safe riding at night. It can be set to on, off, or blink.

It's lithium batteries are superstrong and guarantee you of an all day ride with one full charge.




Hunter: @prechi


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Love these electric skateboards @prechi Thesy are not allowed in germany, which I don't understand. Looks pretty slick! How does the bottom look like?

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @prechi

Whats with the hands free term? Would you please elaborate that term more?

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  • travel range is up to 24 miles and a top speed of 20mph.

  • equipped with headlights to enable safe driving at night. can be set to on, off, or blink.

  • Lithium batteries are superstrong and guarantee you from travel throughout the day with a full charge.

It's an electric-powered skateboard. Design is neat and pretty. I don't like skateboarding, but I'd like to buy one for a collection.


  • electric Skateboards are trendy and modern
  • its not so exhausting than regular skateboarding over long distances
  • it has head and rear lights for safety
  • very good materials and overall look
  • electric Skateboards are more heavy
  • electric Skateboards are not so good for tricks
  • electric Skateboards are more expensive

It is good for students who want to go more rapidly at school when they miss the bus. Maybe it is also good to travel around the city on tourists areas.

@prechi, how much is it to get this great skateboard?

I never used skateboard before. But i saw many people using it and it seems fun. Some people were doing dangerous movements. But they are enjoying a lot. Nowadays production of electric skateboards increased. It is better for the skate lovers. Thankls for the hunt.

Great hunting, an electric skateboard that wonderful product, new way of walking. Congratulations for your product.

wow another electric skateboard, that allow you to be hands free and go for a short trip around your neighbourhood

Most lovable Zboard 2

This electric skateboard looks in a very beautiful design. This hands-free electric skateboard with the battery looks really very strong. it is very helpful.

Awesome hunt! best of luck

Great hunt @prechi

A great skateboard where you can use your hands free without remote control. The battery power is very good and you can use it all day long. It provides a great ride experience and can go up to 20mph.

This seems a perfect Hands Free Electric Skateboard. Speed is good but what's the price?

The Hands-Free Electric Skateboard with super-strong batteries. Indeed a very cool stuff. Well deserved hunt and No 2. Keep it up

This is certainly a cool design for a skateboard. Also this is electric which is great. Cool hunt.

electric skateboards are fun way of travelling and it is very useful too. I like the design and the build quality looks good too.
Nice hunt

It saw many design with rosewood for many things but for the skateboard it is first. They produced crazy skateboard. I thinking that one skateboard be work the electric and giving you happiness.I will buy one and i will start to learn skateboard. Great product

""Zboard 2"" is a gift for Skaters.

Thanks @@@prechi for sharing,

" Hands-Free Electric Skateboard" a great innovation for skate riders who can enjoy at day & night due to its awesome features. Design looks so pretty.

Zboard 2 produced from rosewood. Have a stylish design. It has two color one is dark brown other one is light brown. The skateboard is working with electric. ıt range high speeds 20mph. You can use at night because has the headlight. it can be set on and of. Awesome hunt.

Nice hunt @prechi! This looks like it would be a lot of fun. Electric skateboards are like the closest thing to a hoverboard at the moment. I wonder how sturdy it is

Awesome hunt,

This skateboard is damn cool, the wood design it has, makes it unique from other skateboards out there. I really like the concept.

this skateboard has cool design. It can reach 24 mile per hour. everyone should buy this skateboard!

Def a buy if you decide to get a skate. This one is fast plus it does a nice travel range with its battery.Congrats on a great hunt @prechi

this is a nice hunt.
A skateboard that you can travel with in very convenient way .which also come with headlights which enable you safe ride when you are riding at night . you can also set to blink ,on and off.
I so much love this skateboard ,I wish I can get one lovely Hunt
Well done @prechi

keep it up with good hunts💞💞💞

Really cool skateboard and i really like it because It has ideal for beginners maximum speed and range limitations. It wheels looks solid and i hope they easily roll over bumps and cracks. Great Hunt

This is really amazing and a wonderful product in the shape of skateboard. Zboard 2 is the best travel ride hands free Electric skateboard. It has many great features.
Super cool Hunt!

One of the coolest Electric Skateboard that enables the riders to enjoy the skating in a perfect way. Zboard 2 is very much safe and secure as it comes with headlights ( One can enjoy the ride in night/fog as well).

Superb Hunt :)

We have seen loads of electric skateboard here on SH. But this is uniquely designed with top speed.

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

First off all, congrats on winning the 2nd spot in today's hunts. This Skateboard works through electricity and works in hands-free way that is cool feature. I hope the pricing is good too. Full stars.

Nice hunt!
I like these technology stuff really much!
They are going to change our world definitely
Thanks for the sharing

i always thought that remote control is superfluous! great innovation, would concider buying one.

for sure, am damn in love with the stuff am seeing here. With a single charge giving out One full day rise is cool. What could be the prize?

It is beautiful product. Good range and enjoyable .

Stay blessed and keep it up

Great hunt my friend!24miles travel range is perfect!Also 20mph is a very good speed!Keep good hunting!

Zboard2 is one of the most innovative skateboard, I have ever seen. Its features are perfect. Cool hunt.

Design is a great electric skateboard. It has a length of 24 miles and a maximum speed of 20mph. A product with really enough features. You can drive safely at night.

this is a lovely product,i like the way it was designed and i believe it will be easy to use especially for those that love skating and love to generally have fun..

Yes, as you said Zboard 2 is one of the best skateboards with its features. Headlights are important for safety. Great hunt.

it's incredible the board I've always wanted to ride with a skateboard but for the laziness that gave me to give with my feet to grab momentum and with this skateboard I take off the laziness of riding on one

Zboard 2 - The Hands-Free Electric Skateboard, very nice idea and great features. I love it and will get soon one for me.

Very fun board no matter the age, it does a good range of miles and also goes pretty fast. Safety is also needed and I love the fact it has "night vision" option.

Hand free electric skate seems very dangerous. But this fact is amazing: * a maximum travel range up to 24 miles and a top speed of 20mph* Great

This also comes with headlights to enable safe riding at night This is excellent feature. Thanks for sharing a great hunt

i love products that are wonderful and at the same time also affordable for people to buy and that makes me believe that it will encourage more people to get the product,the skateboard is beautiful and easy to use...

the skateboard can move at an impressive speed and that will make someone to enjoy it while they are skating with it.

this skateboard is a very interesting gadget which i would always love to use because i really like to do skating and this skateboard will be good for me

It is a durable and resistant skateboard and gadget for headlights gives it added value. However its design doesn't convince me, it's a bit simple. Good hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

this skateboard has a unique design that makes me to find it more attractive and i am eager to use it and test it and see how efficient it can be.

I haven't used a skateboard before but this one is really superb! This might really give me the chance to used to. :)

Wow, this skateboard is great. I need it in my life. It looks pretty, and amazing. With it I could travel without having to gain momentum. Great hunt. :smile:

I love the wooden design... Looks so cool and awesome... Wish I could buy it.

Nice solid woody design...
Super awesome... I love it.

Interesting Hunt! The rosewood design is awesome with the maximum travel range of 24 miles and the top speed of 20 mph. Having more Good features the headlight is the best feature for safe riding at night which indicates and keep you safe. Thanks for sharing such a nice hunt Good luck

From its description, this hunt looks good for skateboard lovers in particular. I resteemed it.

Not a skateboarder but I loved this cool electrical skateboard.


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nice hunt

Zboard 2 a super Hands-Free Electric Skateboard. I can say for sure that this is a great skateboard that is very easy to give us pleasure. Excellent range up to 24 miles and with a full charge able to all day ride.