GenZe 2.0s - Electric Scooter for beat riding experience

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GenZe 2.0s

Electric Scooter for beat riding experience



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Hunter's comment

This is a scooter made with highly mechanised materials,before it was made the engineers had a little research on what people need it makes use of electricity to function
The scooter has a mobile a app that connects the scooter to your phone, it accesses your location making it difficult for one to get lost
It can be remotely controlled
It consist of a rechargeable battery which makes it even better.



Hunter: @prechi

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I have approved it :)

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I like the design of this electric scooter.
It looks very light and maneuverable.
It also looks very stable.

I love electric products. Environmentally beneficial products. This is great as a motorcycle design. A nice alternative for city transportation. Thanks for sharing .

@prechi it looks damn nice
Basically, as I would like to use my electric motorbike I unfortunately had to sell my motorbike.

Sir, can you tell me!
▶ Is the battery removable?

It seems to be a very good innovative, nice knowing this.


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