AIRPOD - AIRPOD is a decentralized Travel Pod Capsule

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AIRPOD is a decentralized Travel Pod Capsule


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Hunter's comment

Airpod is a technology ready to change change the travel ecosystem with the power of blochain technology. It is a sleeping pod capsule which make use of blockchain technology.

Air-pod is ready to make travel very exciting and conducive and also reduce stress attached to traveling by air.

Features of AirPod

  • High Speed Wifi- using IUNGO Wi-Fi Network built on blockchain
  • Air condition
  • Deak
  • Luggage Storage
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • High quality seat for passengers that can be easily converted to bed to reduce stress..... and many other features.



Hunter: @polaleye50

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Any decentralized pod are creative


@mohsin01 it is a creative innovation. I will invest in their products. They are currently on ICO phase. IUNGO wifi Network also partner with them.

This is a great idea, however, the practicality of implementation may be a challenge with the existing setup of airports. The size of this device for just 1 individual possibly 2 (if couples are travelling) is relatively large in comparison to a row of chairs that 5 or 6 persons may sit in.
I presume that these airpods will be in high demand so the number of pods required for the airports will be massive. They will need to restructure their buildings or add on extensions to facilitate these devices.

Also, hygiene is crucial to a device like this. Either workers should to be hired to maintain the pod (which will increase the time between usage) or the device contains a self cleaning function after usage (which may drive up costs). People should not have to be in a strait between renting a hotel or renting a pod if this tech is implemented.


@davemarkeddy you are right. They have partnered with some airports. I hope they take all necessary concern into consideration. Thanks for sharing your thought.

Hola. Blockchain abarcando más cada día. Excelente. Gracias por compartir. Exitos

Heck, I want one for the home !! Do they make one for the home ??? Want it like yesterday!

I am waiting for's so amazing. I can't believe itself.that is real?


It's real you can check out their website

China is the country which can make these types of machines....blockchain is the future

Wooow! This is super cool, a way to escape the hyperactivity present in places that requires waiting time.

Awesome! The society needs airpod too. Its an invention with great potential.

The future is shouting at us


The future with decentralized system is bright.

this is pretty sweet haha

@polaleye50 Blockchain is changing the shape of future .
This make our earth more advance .
Do you agree with me?


Yes, it's true

I had to read this post twice and watch the videos a few times as well and still I am baffled to what we have been able to create!

Great Post!! Upvoted and Followed

Woah, I effing love this idea. It seems like a step towards something like the Venus Project, which is something that my family and I support in addition to the change facilitated by crypto-currencies. Definite thanks for sharing, yo! <3

One more thing, maybe they should have a slightly larger version of this pod that a person could sleep in if need be? Something like a "motel room that moves". ;)

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The simulation of this encapsulated means of transport will be a reality in the near future, excellent post. I congratulate you.