Neumann U 47 fet - Modern microphone recreation of Vintage U 47 microphone

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Neumann U 47 fet

Modern microphone recreation of Vintage U 47 microphone



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The U 47

One of the most classic microphones that Neumann decided to recently recreate it. This is a reissue that is done to the top of quality. For large diaphragm condenser microphones, it's basically impossible to get any better than a U47 microphone.

‘Collectors Edition’ implies that the U47 FET reissue is destined for a limited production run, but it’s now a permanent fixture.


The 10dB pad is an amplifier feedback switch that prevents overload in the preamp and transformer. A second switch next to the output connector offers an extra 6dB of attenuation to prevent excessive output levels from overloading microphone preamps.

Frequency Chart


Polarity Diagram

PL_U 47 fet.jpg



Hunter: @playitforward

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The Neumann U47 FET Collector's Edition brings the epic sound of one of the most recorded microphones in history into your studio. Neumann went back to the schematics and production notes from the original U47 FET to bring you the wide dynamic range, detailed sound, and fast transient response of the original. Experienced engineers at Sweetwater will confirm the U47 FET lets you record kick drum tracks with amazing power and punch, track vocals with exceptional articulation and detail, and capture the full dynamic range of delicate acoustic instruments. Complete with a Collector's Edition box and a Certificate of Authenticity, you'll be adding a legendary microphone to your studio's toolbox with the Neumann U47 FET Collector's Edition condenser microphone.

It is a nice product for those who are dealing with social media. It's a classic microphone. The attributes are technological. It is equipped with features that prevent overloading and weaken the extrema. The figure is as classic as having a nice look. Nice hunt and good luck.

Neumann U 47 Feet looks like an innovative product. It would be great to use this mic. Great hunt.

great hunt

Very nice product that you shared between us The microphone you shared really well I went to your link and saw many beautiful details that will help us in many ways Thank you so much for a nice hunting

Having a very dynamic beating of sound with this microphone along with its pretty cool design is making this product very very compelling. Preventing overload and extra attenuation are the main features of this microphone.

Thank you and Have a great day.

U 47 fet Collectors Edition is a new edition of a classic. The microphone can be mounted to rotate to an integrated bracket to provide fixed positioning. A double-wide diaphragm capsule made a better quality microphone. You can translate this classic microphone for a good quality sound recording.

I need a new microphone and I want it to be innovative and have top of quality. Neumann U 47 fet looks like a best product for me. Great hunt.

Whats good about it is, they make a new and a modern technology and features having the same design that was it before. This is a cool idea in overall. Great!

Great piece for ceremonial use. Thanks for the hunt. It's awesome!

Awesome man !!

Beautiful and sleek design! Very well done! Nice job!


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Great piece for ceremonial use. Thanks for the hunt. It's awesome!