AF-S FISHEYE NIKKOR 8-15mm f/3 - Ultra-wide angle lens with multiple effects for Nikon FX

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Ultra-wide angle lens with multiple effects for Nikon FX



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Hunter's comment

The beautiful truth to this lens is that Nikon has never made anything so wide angle before. The specs on this thing are just absurd.

Widest NIKKOR fisheye lens yet and the first with zoom capability
Capture epic 180° circular images and traditional frame-filling fisheye images
Close focusing up to 0.5 feet from your subject for macro-style fisheye images
Weather-sealed design and Nikon's protective Fluorine Coat for use in harsh conditions

Image Effects

Why do we have a wide angle lense? Because it's cool and can make incredible images. This is one of a kind.








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Hi @playitforward,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

PS: it is not needed to set beneficiary to one self. That’s the same as not setting a beneficiary.


@fknmayhem, thanks for verification. I actually did that by accident and couldn’t reverse it. Brilliant in every step ;)

Pro- as every time Nikkor lens don't dissapointing us. fish eye lens, ultra wide great for outdoor and indoor activities
cons - price as always

Great lens, i will recommend this for those into photography I believe it will really help in their photoshoots

@playitforward what a good find, no doubt this product will have many acceptance in the market, there is a good fit between price and functionality, besides being Nikon of course
Thank you very much for showing us this product
I wish you a happy hunt

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