Sweet Home 3D - Software to design and decorate Houses. Open source...!

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Sweet Home 3D

Software to design and decorate Houses. Open source...!



Hunter's comment

Having a house of our own and decorating it ourselves, is a dream longed for by many...

If you are in that stage of life, today I present a tool that will serve you very useful:

Sweet Home 3D.

It is an application that allows us to establish plans or drawings of how we want our house decorated or structured. After that, we can visualize everything in a 3D environment. Where are shown images of how the final result will be, giving us the possibility to notice if there is something in the structure that does not satisfy our tastes.

It can be used from the browser or you can download the application.

A tool for dreamers, easy to use, fast and open source...!!




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an amazing designing app .a true way to fulfill desires.very interesting app.

An app that saves money, time and prevent eventual home design mistakes, that are happening very often. It will make architects work easier, when they know what kind of room or apartment we want. If this app offers the exact measurements, than it is ideal for anyone trying to organize their room layout, especially for small rooms/apartments. This would also save us from headaches by trying to draw the eventual room layout. Great hunt!

Wow is really a great software design app. It is very good to offer you among us. This is your open source software design apps. It is certainly very nice and easy to use. We can easily design our home designs and can design a new and sophisticated design. Thank you so much of a great app that you have To avail

wow this app are helpful for our build up permanent structure like home. if we use it, we are easily create your home designed and decorated. i also like this app. thanks to share.

Amazing wow one day when i will have my own home then i will decorate my sweet home by using such an amazing technology yep no doubt I like 3D applications and i will prefer to use them in future instead of other at least then no need to hire any interior designer :p...

It is a great software because to decorate a house is a great problem. Through this app it can be easy to decorate the house. Good hunt.

This application really helps to users decorat their houses wonderfuly. We can tell it a digital architect. Everyone can use it easily

This software looks like it’s actually easy to learn and use to make awesome interior designs. I like the user interface and all the features it offers. Great Hunt

Software at the top for layout only not for a global project because single floor and no outside. On the other hand very effective (more than the specialized software types achitecte3d and others, on the arrangement of parts and very easy to use and there is a free version !!!

This is very cool. Seeing what we are gonna get is amazing.
Interior designer, architect and common people can easily use this software to design their dream.
We often finds it difficult to explain what design we wishes to have for our dream home. This software can solve the problem.
And it's open source, any one can use this easily to see their own design on 3d.
Great hunt.

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