Ovis - The Suitcase with AI

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The Suitcase with AI








Hunter's comment

Previous projects had promoted smart suitcases, but never like this one; It's Ovis: uha suitcase with AI.

What makes it so special?

It allows you to walk with your suitcase in a very comfortable way, because far from dragging it like ordinary suitcases, she simply "accompanies you". Yes. You go walking and she follows you aside. The technology that makes this genius possible is the latest patented technology of computer vision, localization and simultaneous visual assignment (VSLAM) and algorithms of artificial neural networks developed by ForwardX, so that it can follow autonomously to the side.

Ovis is able to accurately detect and evaluate the environment, calculate the distance and estimate the direction and route to avoid possible obstacles, so you will not have to look and look at your luggage. In addition, it works with batteries, which can easily be removed so that it passes without worries about the airport reviews.

Another very important and particular detail, is that it is connected to an app, which tells you what level of battery power has an active anti-theft alarm that sounds at any suspicious touch, and if you do not listen to it, it is also connected to a GPS allowing you not to lose track of your Ovis with your most precious objects.

Travel comfortable, smart and smart with Ovis, suitcase of the future ...!




Hunter: @pialejoana


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