Fluent Forever - Learn Any Language You Want

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Fluent Forever

Learn Any Language You Want


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Hunter's comment

Currently we live in a fast-moving world, and a perfect way to follow your step is to expand our knowledge of languages (I also need some classes, my native language is Spanish :(), so today making good use of technology you can have apps that guide you in learning.

A clear example of super useful app in this subject is: Fluent Forever. It is an app that offers you a very particular methodology, with only 30 minutes of session per day and relating words to images; making it easier for your brain to learn them and not forget them. It is a method that breaks with stereotypes where to learn another language you limit yourself to memorizing phrases that most of the time are easily forgotten.

Learn other languages with Fluent Forever with a different and creative teaching methodology ..!




Hunter: @pialejoana


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-Ability to learn multi-lingual languages

-It can only take 30 minutes of session per day and relating words to images.

Retention- it is easier for your brain to learn and not forget.


Can only be downloaded with a certain app

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  • Getting access to well designed, interesting texts with recordings that start simple and gradually introduce more and more grammar and vocabulary is an absolutely wonderful (and extremely hard to find) resource
  • The grammar is explained in little blurbs after the texts.
  • Very Affordable.


  • None.

Pros: looks are super and active, kids will love it / the power of visibility together with knowledge in wording
Cons: could be the case that we all want to use at the same time / sessions are a bit short

Pros :

  • It's helps any user to learn anykind of language in simple
  • It's free for all smartphones
  • Easy to use & user friendly
  • Picture based learning
  • Many languages are available to learn

Cons :

  • There is no cons for this looks perfect


  • Created for the user to learn to speak fluently a language
  • Bring different languages ​​available to learn
  • Picture-based learning and memorization
  • Tests have shown that if this learning method works
  • It will be an application for smartphones.
  • You do not need to study many hours to learn, just 30 minutes a day


  • A learning method that has proven that if it works, there is no cons for this product

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Pros: easy to use, its free, available for all smartphones, well design, not to difficult to learn, it doesn't take much time to learn
Cons: none