Neo Vault - A private encrypted space to hide private photos & videos

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Neo Vault

A private encrypted space to hide private photos & videos



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Neo Vault is a private & secure vault for all your pictures & videos. Every file that you store in the vault is encrypted by the pin that you use to lock the vault.


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If your phone doesn't have built-in encrypted storage, this app is a good way to get that functionality. It's designed very professionally, comes with no frills attached and provides a simple, beautifully decent interface that does its job done

The app is wonderful, very clean and elegant UI, and easy to use Just one thing: i already use another vault app and it has this nice feature that doesn't allow anyone to access the app from the running apps window Currently in your app

A good private encrypted space to hide private photos & videos.

thank you very much for sharing the app, have a nice day and a great hunt

Neo Vault - Hide & Encrypt Private Photos & Videos facilitates unlocking the app with a PIN or with a fingerprint, on a fingerprint supported device.
Interesting Hunt! @photosnap
Thank you!

Thanks for sharing this awesome hunt with us. Have a nice day ahead.


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