OjO Eletric Scooter - Eletric Scooter for daily commute

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OjO Eletric Scooter

Eletric Scooter for daily commute





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On a daily basis we all need to go from point A to point B with the lowest cost possible.

OjO Eletric Scooter is here to allow you to make your daily commute easier and cheaper.

With a top speed of 20 Mph, you can drive 25 miles with this scooter through bike lanes without the need of a driver license, while avoiding to pollute the air where you pass by.

And when the battery is empty, just plug it on any 110 V outlet and you will be ready to go.

From the OjO webpage:

The OjO Commuter Scooter is designed to be a daily commuter vehicle that’s bike lane friendly*, which can’t be said for all other scooters. Plus, it’s equipped with plenty of creature comforts and accessories to make life in the bike lane easier, including a Bluetooth sound system, touch-screen technology and a patented design that maximizes comfort. Add all that into a lightweight package, and you’ve got a full-size personal LEV that zooms past the competition.




Hunter: @phgnomo


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  • It looks like a vintage bicycle. Perfect designed for electric scooter. Electric transfort innovation.
  • Amazingly minimalist. I highly recommend it for daily commuters
  • Environment friendly


  • I’m worrying the weight limit.

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Finally a cheaper version of an electric scooter!


  • it has a speed of 20mp/h and a range of 25 miles, which is good


  • The look of it is weird

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