Verv walk for weightloss app - Personal training app for weightloss through walking

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Verv walk for weightloss app

Personal training app for weightloss through walking


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As a person that has always had a little overweight I can confirm that walking is the best way to lose weight (fat!). Many people try to overdo it by starting to exercise too hard and too fast and they eventually give up, because it's too hard for their bodies!

That's why this app is so amazing. You get amazing feedback on your walks. Personalized training sessions, music mixes for during your walks, your progress is tracked very thoroughly...

A great way to lose body fat through low heart rate zone exercise.
A personal recommendation from myself!





Hunter: @pele23

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My apologies, I checked the url but didn't find it...


No problem @pele23.
Often happens.
Remember to check by name ..!

Walk is a healthy exercise to keep you ative and fit. Very walk not only gives you feed back about your walk but it will also give you source of music during walk. Good trainer and great hunt

I like weight loss apps. @actifit is what I am using now since it monitors my movements plus allows me to earn AFIT and STEEM.