Principle - Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps

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Animate Your Ideas, Design Better Apps



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Designing a user interface is like looking at a blank page with a blank mind. The formation of ideas is a process that requires a lot of experimentation. You may want to do a great job by working fine, but you don't have a time to try-and get exactly what you want most of the time when you working for a customer in real life. Therefore, applications like Principle are very important regarding relieving this process.

Principle is a powerful and easy-to-use application. You can also show yourself and your customers how the system works by making use of animations, transitions, interactions, and links. The best part is that you can use the web for both mobile and desktop applications.



Hunter: @overthinker

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Principle is by far my favorite prototyping tool.While I was watching the first tutorial I got tears in my eyes

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It's called an original hunting, which will benefit the people, because by this app, we can illustrate our ideas through our designs. This app is a great app that will be useful and everyone will be willing to use it.


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