Little Alchemy 2 - Mix items and create the world from scratch!

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Little Alchemy 2

Mix items and create the world from scratch!



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Hunter's comment

Would you like to recreate the whole universe? If you like old alchemist-style games, this small but fun game can make you addictive. Before I wrote it, I thought I'd play it, and it was so fun that I couldn't leave. At that time, I created the planets, vitality, tools, and some fantastic creatures like a pegasus. This game will attract you to the world that you can get pegasus from the combination of bird and horse, or get an airplane from the combination of bird and metal. It can be both fun and instructive not only for you, but for children, and ultimately there is basic Chemistry and logic in it. Just play and have fun!



Hunter: @overthinker

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oh my goodness i had a play and i can't WAIT to be done for the day so i can get back into it! hehe looks really fun- upvoted!


I've been playing this for two days and have a big project on me. If I'll discover everything today or just say almost 800 things, I can back to my work. So, be carefull :D


I know! i could start feeling it pulling me away! I had to stop- but ill check it out for sure in my down time - just to find some downtime! @overthinker

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wow I really like this game, with this game I can create creatures that I didn't get on this earth. this is truly an amazing game


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