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Take back control of your time



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PocketCFO automates your cash flow forecasts so you don’t have to deal with the spreadsheets. Integrate with existing financial management systems to eliminate manual data entries. It analyzes spending trends to provide actionable Pocket Insights that extend your runway. Automate financial projections and dynamically plan and predict future scenarios.




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There must be a spreadsheet in the back end of this, in the cloud surely? Otherwise how can it aggregate the data? I like the idea of simplifying things but not the idea of my data being on someone else's cloud.

Better time management tool to have the best use of time and make it more productive.

It's pretty nice looking because now we don't need the Excel sheet all the time in front of us in the form of computer. we can easily 200 by using mobile phone from such point of application

PocketCFO looks a useful tool that will automates our cash flow forecasts, thanks for sharing.

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This is ana amazing way of keeping our finance abreast of debt. You can control your finance.


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