RMK E2 - Sport Motorbike with Electric Rim

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Sport Motorbike with Electric Rim



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Hunter's comment

The RMK E2 is the latest electric-powered motorsport made by a New Finnish company - RMK Vehicle Corporation.

The best part of the RMK E2, the electronic motor is integrated into the rim frame, so, there is no rim that is centered and looks futuristic.

Charging takes 2 - 3 hours for a distance capacity of 200-300 Km with a maximum speed of up to 160 Km / Hour.

So, in my opinion it's quite impressive, for more detailed info please check the official rmkvehicles site




Hunter: @olgiz247


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Great hunt @olgiz247. The style of this bike is amazing. I want to ride this awesome bike for the enjoyment.

really a new model of a bike..

  • environment friendly because it is electric
  • high speed electric bike
  • good quality of battery, fast charging


  • fro me, the design is not good.. looks like a toy bike.

Amazing hunt,

I love the sleek design of this bike, damn. I also like the fact this it uses an Eco-friendly source of energy which is pretty cool.

Fantastic bike and to me it looks like a future electric motorcycle just like in movies. The design is simple but innovative. The structure is like smooth and it's nice to hear that it has awesome top speed of 160km/h even with no centered rim in back wheel. Great Hunt

Wow this thing is so awesome!!!
I love it. The electric bikes are so amazing!! I came to know about them in this platform but this one "RMK E2" is best of all.
Amazing hunt!

Hi, @olgiz247 you are a really great hunter! Thank you for sharing your amazing hunt. This is my personal review and no intention to judge your work. ☺☺

✤ Congrats for your verified ✤


  • The RMK E2 is a hub-less electric motorcycle with a futuristic design.
  • This is best electric motorcycle I've ever seen.
  • In one charge you can range up to 200-300 km and 2-3 hours charging time is very fast in my opinion.

Great hunt! ☺☺

The product has an interesting design. Electric motorcycles are starting to take over and this shows the direction of production of motorcycles. Despite being electric, it's a fast motorcycle. A fabulous hunt

Awesome Hunt


  • Nice Designed
  • Electric Sports motor Bike
  • Speed 160KM per Hour
  • Range 200-300KM
  • Took 2-3 hours for charging


  • None


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The design is great, I would like it to have led lights that change the color to our liking, I like that its loaded is 2 to 3 hours and that's good because other products that I've seen take up to 8 hours to load but this is still more efficient.

Thanks for sharing your hunt, greetings ..

I love motorcycles, and this one leaves me speechless, thinking about having one is a dream, I want one for Christmas, great hunting

This is one of the best electric motorbike. It has a fast charging time and it takes you up to 300km away with a speed of 160km per hours. This makes it amazing thing. I like its back wheel design very much. Thanks for sharin it

This bike is awesome and it rims are amazing. With this kind of speed getting to a destination won’t be difficult because the bike is really fast

It has a design like in the movies about space motorcycle. Uses electric as power and has good technological engineering. The red color is very well suited to this product. It's an impressive hunt.

An electric rim motorbike sounds intereting. I love the design and the idea of just charging for 2-3 hour for that long miles. Nice!

Rmk E2 is an electric motorcycle. It has been developed in advanced technology. Its variant is very advanced and can be said to be fast. Many beautiful Hunter.

What a motorbike I’ve never come across before. This is so cool and unique. Thanks for this great work and keep it up.

I like this motorcycle because you don't need combustible to travel and I think that 160 km/h to be a motorcycle with a electric-engine it's very well.


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