MADi - Folding house installed in a matter of hours

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Folding house installed in a matter of hours



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Hunter's comment

About MADi

  • MADi is a prefabricated folding house by Italian architect Renato Vidal that can be installed less than half a day to be strong and resistant to earthquakes.
  • MADi can be installed for temporary and also permanent structures without requiring foundation in installation.
  • MADi can be packaged and then stored temporarily in a warehouse or other place for future use.
  • MADi construction has been prepared with electrical systems, water lines and water sanitation systems, systems (AC) etc. including installation of solar panels on the roof based on orders.
  • Prices offered for small to large homes range from US $ 25,195 - US $ 73,385

My opinion

Houses that can be installed according to needs can be installed quickly less than a day, even so, still need heavy equipment to install it, because it is made of strong materials to withstand earthquakes, and this is good.



Hunter: @olgiz247

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Wow, it is great to see MADi to be installed in a few hours. Thanks for sharing. Great hunt.

We a understand the need to build a good home with the right equipment. It is what determines whether a house would stand or not. Thanks for the hunt.


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