Bluetooth Talking Glove - A glove for making calls

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Bluetooth Talking Glove

A glove for making calls



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Bluetooth Talking Glove is a glove that can be connected to your smartphone to make calls. You can get notification through the glove whenever you have a call and can also be picked and ended through it. Hi-Call serves two functions : a Bluetooth and a glove. It gives give comfort to the user whenever they are busy to answer call through phone. It is very durable and last longing.



Hunter: @olamijosh

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Bluetooth Talking Glove is helpful while you are going for visit to a colder region, you don't need to lift you phone in hand just use embed bluetooth technology of Bluetooth Talking Glove.

Hi @olamijosh,

Thanks for yet another hunt. Before I can approve it, please update the product title to “Bluetooth Talking Glove”.

Let me know via a comment reply when you’ve made requested change so I can re-review your hunt.

I have updated it

Thanks, approved.

Wow have never seen a product as smart as this which you present here today. The glove is extremely smart and can be very useful in call making. Happy new week

Awesome tech for a glove. This gadget is cool because it won't get noticed when you using it. Tech with swag!

Nice Hunt!

A little ludicrous. In fact, there are many handsfree products that can be used without hands. Using gloves means you have to use your hands, but it's questionable


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