Orb - The World's First Germ-Killing Blue/UV Light Ball.

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The World's First Germ-Killing Blue/UV Light Ball.



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The “orb” is a device which is Portable and a waterproof device that uses the blue/UV light to be able to kill various germs like the algae,the mold,the fungus and also the bacteria...if you want to be free from germs then this lovely device is for you…




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Nice device for killing germs. Since this device is portable and waterproof so you can adjust it anywhere no worry of any kind of harm hmmm killing germs with UV/blue light very inventive tech


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Germs and bacteria are much dangerous for the health of humans but their bad action for children too much dangerous. Because the children affected easily from these dangerous viruses. Orb is a device that is effective on germs and bacteria with the UV light. These germs killed with systematic action and our children safe from these dangerous things. Also working of Orbs too much easy with the help of pre-configured setting with features.

i have never see this kind of project. its first time here i see uv light for fight against germ. now easy protection available specially for your children.

Wow, Really useful technology which to avoid harm of your body from germs. Even small particle of germs can be killed?

I am all for germ free. How would you use one of these in your house? just let it roll around or do you need to put it in specific places?

This seems a cool product.
I hope this can really help capture the germs and kill it before it gets into you :P
Thanks for hunting this hunter :)

I am not getting surprised because in this time everything is possible by the technology. Technology are trying to give us more and more tech gadget to more comfortable our life.
And today you present a great gadget to kill the Germ a smart way. Love the features with portable system and waterproof option. Good Hunt

Good one to ensure healthy environs and disease free society.

Excellent hunt from you

Portable,Easy to carry device. It kill bacteria using UV Ray's. Innovative Idea.

Nice find, Thanks for sharing.

This is a really cool idea, we can never be too clean and with rechargeable UV light balls you will always be prepared to kill germs. Neat hunt :)