Productivity Owl - Let The Owl Keep You Focus Online

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Productivity Owl

Let The Owl Keep You Focus Online



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Staying focus when on the World Wide Web, when there a lot of seemly interesting stuffs popping up in front of your screen could be literally hard except you have mastered the game of been focus, but with Productivity Owl you can up your productivity game and perform task online faster.

Productivity Owl is an extension that allow you to allot certain amount of time to browse the webpage, before it closes the webpage itself.
It has this owl animation that trails you to all the websites you are browsing, count down your time and notifying to remain focus with the task at hand.\

With Productivity Owl,

  • You can limit the time you spend on certain time-consuming websites
  • You can white-list websites you regularly use for work
  • If enabled it can close inactive tabs after 15 minutes
  • You can perform online task like research faster by working the time you set before the timer goes off.
  • You can as well schedule your free time



Hunter: @okahjul

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  • Schedule Leisure Time
  • Maintain your favorite list
  • Close Inactive Tabs


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Good hunt! Even combining the words productivity and Owl in a single product has made me stand out :D


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