Meta.4 - META.4 introduces robotics to young and small children

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META.4 introduces robotics to young and small children



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My friends are going to tell you about META.4 in today. META.4 introduces Robotics to a large and missing child. Or the robot opens in 4 parts. Or the robot runs from the sunlight so no battery is required. Children can prove to be the beneficial mind to bear this robot for their self-confidence and their brains.


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Recently I'm seeing this trend of children's robots that are solar powered and I'm liking that trend. The best part is that you can dissemble and reassemble the robot into one of four forms:

  • The T-Rex
  • Rhino Beetle with 6 legs and a gaping jaw
  • Drill Vehicle with a rotating drill
  • Robot with visible gears

This feature elevates Meta.4 from a mere toy to a nice educational tool. Good Hint.

Wao what a great and amazing hunt. I totally appriciate your effort. You find best and perfect robot for our kids. One of the main benefit of this robot is this robot working by sunlight no battery required. This robot helps our kids to improve his learning skills and improve his activities. This is best educational tool for our kids. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

I really like this little gem coz it's powered by clean & green sunlight so no batteries are ever needed pretty cool. I think it's nice way to introduce robotics to kids with larger and easier to handle parts in addition child can build and rebuild four different models one at a time impressive. Excellent Search

A good robot made for kids. It function to improve kids self-confidence and brains is a huge plus. I also love the fact that this uses solar power to power the robot. This should be a cgood toy and friend for kids.

I love robots made for kids. It keeps them indoor and they get occupied with activities.I love the fact that META.4 runs on sunlight which means no battery is needed for it to function. With this, children can improve on their self-confidence and brains as well.

Interesting indeed! Children will not only have fun and enjoy but also their creative thinking will get necessary boost while using and making with their own hands. Great Hunt.


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