Call Free - Call to phone Numbers worldwide for free

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Call Free

Call to phone Numbers worldwide for free


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Hunter's comment

Call to any number for free by using internet through call free app on android. You don't have to pay anything for the calls . Just have to spend few seconds watching the ads and then you can call anywhere .Call can be connected to many countries like Germany , India , France , US , UK etc. The call quality is also very clear.
Try this app , it is definitely worth of.
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These days, as the younger generation uses smartphones a lot, texting, chatting and social networking services instead of voice calls have become their main tools of communication. However, phone calls are still used a lot, especially phone calls that can be heard by families abroad. The service is likely to be useful because it can make international calls for free.

Yeah this app works great. Though it can only be used for short calls but still this app is worth as you only need to watch some ads to have a call , so you don't need to pay for anything , and you can hide your number also so , reciever will not know that who is calling . I usually use it to prank my firends .

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Thanks for posting on Steemhunt. However, I can not approve your hunt. Reason:

4. Plagiarism and Copyright

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Sorry mam , The whole content is written by me but I didn't know that these sentences are so common that would show in the plagiarism report.
But now I have updated the content with 0 plagiarism so please approve it.

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This is simply amazing
I should try this
An app that allows me call for free. I'd talk till eternity then

This app works great but in order to do long calls you need to watch more ads and refer your friends , so it is best for short calls. Plus the main benefit lf this app is that you can hide your number also. Still this app is worth of.

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Wow amazing hunt great effort dear @nitish009 you share a useful and amazing product for free calls all over the world. Many people benefit from this software because they make free calls with dears on who lives in other countries. Thanks for sharing this great hunt

Thanks for appreciating me sir. I will try to get more hunts like this.

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If its really free, this one will be super useful for us.

Yes I myself using this for 3 months and it's amazing.

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Man thatsss soo cool i mean no tension when you dont have credit btw does it gives us random number or chabged number everytime ? like if random number people can use it to do scams ? but yeah i love the idea of watching ads to get credit thing its like pay to view ads or ptc sites 😍...

The best thing for me today 😍 wonderful hunt friend keep on hunting 😊upvoted😊

Thaks for appreciation bro.
This app gives a US number which is permanent for you and you can add your own no. Also. And this app is good for short duration calls and for long duratuon calls you need to watch more ads . This also prevents from scamming.

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Great idea for this hunt. great effort

Thanks a lot for appreciation!

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Interesting, today to make an international call is very expensive. Nice Hunt @nitish009

Yes, I myself use this app for international calls.

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A great hunt for poorer countries. I know I wouldn't use it as I don't have the time to view adverts. International calls are expensive and the reason why I use apps to make calls already. I think it is fine for short calls as I think this would be the factor that stops lots of people using it. How many adverts would be needed to be viewed for a 20 minute call.

Yes you are right that it is useful for short calls only as for long calls you have to watch a lot of ads. The call charge depends on the country , like if you call in USA it will cost you 70 credits per minute and a call in India costs 260 credits. You can earn 10-100 credit on per click on the spin wheel and you can earn upto 11000 credits for referring a friend. But still this app is worth . I am also using this app for a while.

It's a great gift to people who live out of the countries for their work. Phone call is very much costly and not everyone can afford it. Though we have many social media apps as alternative but the problem is that it works on fast internet and in many parts of India net is still not good. Since its free then I find it amazing and I give it 100/100.

Yes this works great. The advantage is that unlike the social media you don't need the same app and internet in the both phone .You can hide your number also through this. And you can get the credits for free just by viewing some ads and referring the friends , these credits can be used for calling. This app works like a charm.
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This kind of apps is very common now this time .cause people choice this for its facilities like save money .overall nice .thanks for share.

Yes there are many apps like this , but mlst of them will charge you a lot of amount but this is a genune app and show only ads for call. Although you can buy the credits too but the charge is very less . I myslef using this app for 3 months anf it's great.

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International calls can be so Expensive, thanks to this app, it will be cheaper and easy to call your friends and family. Nice one

Yeah this app is worth . You need to view some ads and refer your friends to get credits amd you can use the credits to call.

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