robofusion - a robot that makes and serve ice cream (robotic kiosk)

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a robot that makes and serve ice cream (robotic kiosk)



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The robot is capable of working 24 hours in a day and all through the week without a break or pause in between, it can make and serve as much as 45 ice creams per hour. It is very user friendly as children with the age of 3 can even operate it without any hassle.



Hunter: @ninuola

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Hahaha this ice cream robot is so cool , any child or adult would love to see this in action! I love ice cream and think this kiosk is awesome. Everyday I see more and more robots of all kinds entering the workforce and doing jobs of humans , the future is now! and I can see this being utilized in convenient stores that are open 24/7 ! 🍨🍦🍨🍦💁💕

Ahhh, this is interesting. It is like the ice cream dispensers in 7-11 and other convenient stores but this is more hi-tech. It has a panel board and automatically prepares the ice cream. Plus, it has it arm to serve out the cup. It is actually cute. This can be a very good replacement for those machines in the convenient stores...

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wow, what an amazing idea to serve ice-cream with the robot. Children would love to buy ice-cream there. Robotic things are always very interesting in technology.

ok so now i want ice cream, where can i get this bot?
with a delivery feature too

This is a TRULY COOL application of robotics. Maybe the best application for Robotics I've ever seen. How can we do without one of these in our neighbourhood. Well, we want such a product in our own homes!

Another example of how Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Who would have thought making and serving ice-cream will be so automated/robotic. Apart from the efficiency and swiftness of service this innovation will bring. The consumer has more freedom to choose from the customised settings how they want their ice-cream to be and this robofusion will deliver it exactly the same way.

This is one of my best hunt for today. Great work digging this up @ninuola.

This robot is a good way to minimize cost of human resources, but I feel sorry for people who lost their job because of this robot 😓

Today you present another great hunt Robofusion. I like the nice system. Because Its very interesting technology and I love the technology. Frankly I love ICE-CREAM and the robotic kiosk works very smartly. VERY COOL HUNT. Thanks @ninuola

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