Youtopin - Decentralized location-based social network

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Decentralized location-based social network



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Decentralized mobile nearby location social network Youtopin connects people to people & people to places, enabling:

  • Location check-ins
  • Venues ads
  • Personal assistance
  • UGC verification
  • Multiple privacy layers
  • Earning YTP tokens

Foursquare’s Swarm & more on the blockchain?


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Thank you. @GeekGirl
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The best part of "Youtopin" is that they care about the security of the user's data. I think it has great potential as nearby people will be able to connect each and further nearby places can also be able to connect. So utilizing blockchain technology one can be able to socialize in a better way and can interact in many ways like chat, reviews, questions etc. Data ownership is done in an authenticated way and based on that rewards to the individual is made for assessing their data.

Great hunt.

Thank you and Have a great day.

They are well ahead of the curve on data security, as you have observed. @shivohum2015
They do have great 👍🏼 potential.

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I liked an interesting idea to connect people on location based. This is quite new for me where you can meet new people and earn crypt-based tokens.

It has quite interesting and useful options for different reasons. I would love to try this out if it works at my location. Nice Hunting!

Would be interested in your experiences with the app. @ikrahch
You would need some friends also using Youtopin.
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Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

it is kind of cool idea and I really appreciate it and we needed such technologies that enables more security rather than depending upon centralized platforms. It enables to connect with new people having same interest and even it never let us miss any event.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

Appreciate your support. @amar15
The security on the platform could make a difference.
Thank you 🙏 for your comment.
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It's nice to see other social platforms follow what STEEM has started 3 years back. I'm now seeing the rise of social apps in blockchain.

That’s interesting to observe. @eastmael
How many will be around say 3 years from now.
Youtopin has the potential.
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Great Hunt! This is the era of Decentralization and it has become more popular every single day like Youtopin app that has great features like connecting people on basis of location nice hunt

It’s more socialized location check in than localized social check in, so the DAU in a micro-geography is more important, rather than the platform DAU.
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  • secured with layer protection.
  • location check in.
  • earn token for using social media.
  • personal assistance.


  • non.

That’s a great 👍🏼 summary! @hairy
How soon do you think that the network effect will kick in?🦵
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Social networks taken to the next level, this platform offers some nice features for us to engage more. Earning some tokens on top, would make the participants want to interact more and get more involved in the society!

Continuing the trend of tokenizing social interactions. @nygma
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Yes. @nygma Tokenized location based social.
How soon will the network effect kick in🦵 for Youtopin?
Thank you for your input.

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This is cool, Android app ...Why about we ios users

Its a cool product (social media at it's best)

The founders informed me that the app is pending App Store 🏬 approval.
Thank you. @mittymartz for your comment.

It looks pretty interesting next-gen social networks I already install and use it on my device & really likes it coz it allows me to connects with nearby people and nearby places and builds strong data for venues advertisements and personal assistance pretty cool. Great Hunt

That’s great. 👍🏼
How’s the experience? @bbomber
I use an iPhone 📱 & don’t have access to an Android.

Nice that they have an Android app at least, not just a fiction paper :)

When I met them in Dubai, they said that they were waiting for App Store approval. @tabris
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Though I liked the app part yet I'm trying to understand the uniqueness of this decentralized social media platform and how it can serve better to people. Thanks for sharing. Need to explore more.

Please update us here on your research. @syedkahifhussai

I'm trying to understand the uniqueness

By your criterion, how many unique blockchain projects are out there?
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Love the idea. Its like killing multiple birds with one stone. Isnt it?
Many uses like location check and venue ads. By the way this is a good hunt.

Blockchain, token, location, ads, social....
Yes. Many stones. @CoolGuy
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Nice that they have an Android app at least, not just a fiction paper Thank you and Have a great day.

Looks 👀 like a copy of @tabriz’s comment or do both of you think 🤔 alike? @asadul
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Simply we can say that its all in one. Connection peoples who loves social networks and connecting people who wants something special. All are great features. Great Technology with Great networking system. COOL HUNT

Do you think that the location feature is like Foursquare’s Swarm?94837FC8-6A2A-4593-A44E-A1E804213A46.png
Will they amass enough monetizable data like Places for Foursquare?

Thank you for your input. @hafizullah
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How many DAU will they be able to ramp up in a specific location?
That’s key, IMHO

Thank you. @hafizullah

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The blockchain keeps making waves and breaking grounds, I love to see this and more. I am sure gonna get this app and I am happy it is an android application as well. Great hunt buddy,

Please update us here on your experiences with Youtopin.
Is this a blockchain killer app?

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Looks like this is another Blockchain social media. The feature of rewarding people with its tokens is an attractive way to get more users.

Yes. @arsalan
Blockchain social media with a location twist.
Thank you 🙏 for your input.
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