BioSure HIV Self Test - HIV self testing kit

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BioSure HIV Self Test

HIV self testing kit



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Within 15 minutes, based on a drop of blood, with a claimed 99.7% accuracy & approved CE marked, the BioSURE HIV Self Test, facilitates personal discreet HIV determination.


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This is a product that doesn't need words. This kit, which can be easily tested for HIV in a drop of blood, is an innovation.

Yes. @SuperGiant This product is an innovation. 💡

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A handy test kit for those who wants to test HIV at home. We all know HIV is a deadly decease and it is always better to be sure that we are not a victim if HIV. Some people like to protect their privacy so this tool is for them.

Yes. @dinshatech The dignity & privacy of its users are the hallmarks of the BioSURE HIV Self Testing Kit .

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Why are you greyed out?

I have some uninvited admirers, @yonny 😃

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With a tool like this, that tension of visiting the hospital to check his results will be solved .

Yes. @ronarexx In many countries there’s still a stigma associated with AIDS. The BioSURE HIV Self Testing Kit helps bring some privacy to its users.

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Good health is a great blessing. Deadly diseases like HIV are a bitter truth. This kit is very helpful to diagnose HIV. BioSure HIV Self Test is easy to use and shows result with 99.7% accuracy. Its good to b confirm with BioSure about this deadly disease because

HIV is a treatable condition, so the only thing to be worried about is not knowing.

Yes. @needu That’s well said. It’s better to know early on, so that treatment is more effective.

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Looks pretty useful and simple to use test kit and i like it because it provides results within 15 minutes and all in the comfort of one's own home. Great Hunt

Thank you. 🙏 @BBomber

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Thank you. 🙏 @UrbanGladiator

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HIV is very dangerous. The problem is, many people are embarrassed to go to the doctor, or even dare not tell the symptoms they are experiencing to those closest to them. One of the best ways is self testing, and only take action if HIV positive.

Yes. @calprut It does protect an individual’s privacy.

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This is important to know so that you dont spread hiv, clean your self nice hunt

Yes. @yonny That is is the responsible reason take the test.

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I must confess that this is really cool because it is a great idea because it helps you know your HIV status which is very important. And what's more is the fact that you can check it yourself.
Thanks for sharing this hunt with us all

Yes. @murphylee This is a great idea!💡

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