Magnetic Floating Globe - Mysteriously Suspended in Air

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Magnetic Floating Globe

Mysteriously Suspended in Air






Hunter's comment

This Floating Globe can rotates 180 degree while hanging in the air, this is great for study room, school room or office. This high tech cool gadget comes with a LED light feature would make your room look mysterious and classy.

You can also consider this as a cool gift for your friends, niece or any young people would love it. This gift under $30 , 7 inches high and can be a good display in your room.



Hunter: @nieloagranca

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Pros: It's floating
Cons: The plastic one from my childhood still works, is unbreakable and still good looking. :)


  • Nice invention
  • Unique


  • Not so practical for the way of living

Still this is great!

Pros: new creation / design / colorful
Cons: price / size

Pros: Perfect for young people and high tech lovers
- easy install
- price not expensive for what you gonna get
Cons: Not very pratical

Absolutely beautiful
The light focuses on the globe
Levitates perfectly once positioned at the right spot
Very unique

Hard to get the right position to levitate perfectly


  • New technology
  • It has LED light to make it glow
  • A good gift to friends and relatives
  • Can also be used as home display


  • Can only be used as decoration


  • Perfect product to give on special dates.
  • Gift out of the ordinary.
  • Excellent decoration for desk.
  • Economic price


  • Decorative product without any specific use.


  • advanced
  • scientific
  • educational
  • family friendly


  • how long will the battery lasts?

Pros: floating always gives magical view
Cons: size


  • Floating stuff are really cool and eye catching to folks.


  • I don't see any particular use of this product aside from display


  • Unique gift idea for kids - young & old
  • May be a great night light for toddlers


  • Could be fragile

Pros :

  • Levitating stuff is always an eyecatcher
  • good price level

Cons :

  • a bit small to catch real attention.


  • innovative
  • creative design
  • the feature shows a realia of an earth floating in our galaxy.


  • the color does not represent the true colors of the Planet Earth, may somewhat give a fals information to kids.

Keep up the hunt!

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This is so cool. Would be a great piece on almost everyone's table. A good conversation starter too if its placed in meeting rooms and it just looks awesome.

Cons :

  • its wired would require some wiring done to conceal the power cable.

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