Robo course - Very useful app for robotics learners

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Robo course

Very useful app for robotics learners



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Robo Course :Learn Arduino,Electronics, Robotics


The best app for Robo Learning. All the fundamental topics cover up,Till now the best app for getting professional knowledge on Robotics related.App rating 4.6* with 16mb.Hope you all enjoy this app,Have a nice day.


  • Unit Converter
  • Resistor Color Code Calculator
  • SMD Resistor Calculator
  • Capacitor Code Calculator
  • Capacitor Unit Converter
  • Inductor Color Code Calculator
  • Transistor Calculator
  • Op-amp Calculator
  • 555 Calculator
  • Ohms Law Calculator


Robo Course App. Learning app for Robotics, Ardui…:


A great app for beginners to learn robotics. electronics, IoT and many areas. You can also improve your programming with Arduino and it also included so many calculators related to your study area.

Thanks for the comment

If you want to learn about robots then robot course is very helpful for you. You can learn robotics languages and improve your programming skills. You can learn fundamental topic. Nice hunt

There was a certain time i had an interest in robotics, but why I lost interest was solely because i couldn't find enough resources at one point. This is a lot better and easier for enthusiastic learners

Great hunt @nevlu123! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Lot of thanks

I see lots of innovation in the field of robotics and its quite interesting too. This one is definitely a great app for those who are looking forward to learn about it and want to build some great robo.

nice hunt

This combined with all the toys that are shared here will make everyone ironman!

An very useful app for those interested in robotics, learn whatever you need. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or an expert, get your resources here. Great hunt

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