SketchCassette - Mixtape emulator with the ability to control cassette chewin

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Mixtape emulator with the ability to control cassette chewin



Hunter's comment

The plugin is designed specifically for aging the sound signal. Users can adjust the level of input and output signals, select the age of the virtual tape and the features of its sound, as well as the type of modulations used.

An additional settings section provides access to the management of saturation and hiss, as well as the frequency and intensity of dips - the effect when the tape is lightly chewed while passing through the magnetic head of the tape recorder. The plugin also provides the Nr Comp module, which is responsible for noise reduction and compression.

A distinctive feature of the plugin is a minimalist interface that resembles a drawing on a piece of paper. The simplicity of the interface extends not only to the visual part, but also to the principles of interaction with the SketchCassette. Work with the plugin is simple and intuitive.

The cost of the tool is $20, which is more than adequate for a low-fi plugin.


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