Archetype: Nolly - Guitar Effects Emulator

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Archetype: Nolly

Guitar Effects Emulator



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This is a plugin whose tonal versatility allows to record an entire metal album.

Archetype Nolly's Neural DSP guitar emulator, co-created with former Periphery guitarist Adam "Nolly" Getgood.

The novelty was created for lovers of heavy and extreme guitar sound, including a djent. Guitar emulator will offer guitarists four tube guitar amplifiers based on Getgood's modified circuitry. Each of the four amplifiers is designed for specific types of sound and use - Clean, Crunch, Rhythm, Lead.

Two overdrive pedals, compressor and pre-delay are offered at user's choice. Also, plugin is equipped with a nine-band equalizer, advanced reverb and post-delay.



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