Snowtide Smart Ski - |And Snowboard Helmet With Bluetooth|listen to music, call

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Snowtide Smart Ski

|And Snowboard Helmet With Bluetooth|listen to music, call



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The Snowtide smart helmet keeps user protected and connected. The helmet comes with advance audio communication. With a single push, you will enjoy unlimited talk range via mobile data.

Snowtide can be connected with your smartphone via Bluetooth to answer calls or simply listen to music. Snowtide app is available on iOS/Android. This app allows you to unlock real-time stats - vertical, distance, duration, speed.

The Snowki helmet is integrated with S.O.S alert system. The smart sensor is activated during a crash and gives you 60 seconds grace to turn it off, if not, it sends alerts of your location via text/email to your emergency contact you have preset in the app.


  • Built-in Bluetooth Audio and Mic
  • Two-Way Group Comms
  • iOS/Android App Enabled
  • S.O.S. Alert System
  • Anti-Loss Alarm
  • Battery: 16 hours (48 hours on standby)
  • USB Charge Time: 2 Hours. source



Hunter: @naijaguy

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Hi @naijaguy,

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I do have a small request though: can you please remove the (r) character from the short description. Thanks in advance.


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