Water Garden 2.0 - A self-cleaning fish tank that grows on top plants

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Water Garden 2.0

A self-cleaning fish tank that grows on top plants



Hunter's comment

Price $ 99.99

This time I brought a unique hunt, a tank that can be filled by betta fish and can grow a plant on it, easy to grow and will be unique when you see it, using fish dung will fertilize the plants above this tank. Can be stored anywhere and make this like a living room decoration or wherever you store it will be a beautiful sight.




Hunter: @muhilham28


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Hi @muhilham28,
Thanks for always your share the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Excellent hunting, we can have a decoration in our home so natural and beautiful, without much complexity, when we have plants in our homes they purify the air we breathe, and we can also have pet fish is excellent, in addition that the plants will feed the waste of fish, is a kind of very practical ecosystem to have in our homes.

Wow that's great hunt mate. I love it some qualties of this self cleaning tank like you dont need to clean this tank & you can grow your own plant on it also it really healthy for as well as for your home too..

Great hunt

Hi @muhilham28,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

I have beta fish before and Water Garden 2.0 is so innovative and smart idea as a self-cleaning fish tank. Awesome hunt.

Wow a nice concept for a fish tank. Love the fact that it can be used as a planter too and it's self watering function is great.
Good hunt

How cool is that?!?!? I know its not the biggest one but still, amazingly cool and beautiful to see.

This will add so much beauty to anybody's living room. And growing plants and rearing fishes with it makes it more amazing, it like having a kind of ecosystem with so much fresh air in one's room. I wish they have a bigger one for commercial purpose, why not?

You Killed This, Now Recoil!

Wow! I love the idea of an aquarium and planting your own plant at the same time. This is a great invention as decor inside your own home. I love it. Great hunt.

Great Hunt

This product is awesome and its specifications are also very good.

Thank you :-)


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