EPIKGO SPORT + - Perfect driving experience

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Perfect driving experience



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Increase your adrenaline by driving this right now. With EpikGo, it gives gyro-scoopic, so it can balance you when driving. Enjoy extreme travel and feel the sensation.

  • There is a 400W dual motor
  • Has a very smooth tire
  • and there is Bluetooth 4.0 for you to listen to music





Hunter: @muhilham28


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This is a great and wonderful feat of engineering @muhilham! I'd see people of this current generation especially the millenials might try considering buying this product - its beneficial since it allows owners to arrive in the places they intend to go quickly and at the same time, having the comfort of listening to music while travelling.

Well, congratulations and continue hunting products like this one, @muhilham28!

Congratulations! Your hunt has been reviewed and approved! Thank you for a great hunt.


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I watched the video and Epikgo Sport+ really like a perfect driving experience. Thanks for sharing. Awesome hunt.

Room to is an amazing gadget which gives you great fun. You can enjoy riding on it. It gyrocopics helps you to maintain your balance.you can also enjoy music with Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Great hunt


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Epikgo Sport+ is amazing. I would like to have experience with it. Awesome hunt.