Zip Instant Photoprinter - Smart Photo Printer by Polaroid

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Zip Instant Photoprinter

Smart Photo Printer by Polaroid


Hunter's comment

Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest device.


I introduced an innovative Photo Printer called Polaroid Zip Instant Photo Printer.

*You can directly connect your mobile and tablet to the printer by it app.

*It is easy to use it.

*In this printer there is no ink required.

*It size is very small.

*Its photo is also waterproof and tearproof.

*Adhesive Backing.



Hunter: @muhammadhateeb

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Nice Hunt, @muhammadhateeb. This is one of the best photo printers, I've come across on SteemHunt. Its stick back photographs feature is something that makes it somewhat unique.

Amazing! A great artifact in which you can print from your phone automatically and with color! It uses Bluetooth or NFC technology, that's why fast printing and automatic synchronization. This polaroid offers everything to color in a 2x3 size but they are proof of spots and on the back they are adherent. What fun!

Whoop! Have a nice hunt @muhammadhateeb. I like it very much because of its size it has a very small size bring it anywhere. Cool Hunt.

Great hunt @muhammadhateeb! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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I Think that this is a great product, mobile and tablet have a nice facility to connect directly to the app on the printer. You can easily use it.
Excellent hunt

One cool thing i love about this device is that it is so small to the extent you will doubt if it can produce such quality. I love the ability of we not needing an ink to get our pictures out. It is so lovely.

Wonderful hunt @muhammadhateeb. Zip Instant Photo printer is the best gift for your close friend. I wait for your next hunt.

To take durable photos this printer is the indicated one, very easy to use and all the photographs are printed very fast, besides it is practical to transport.

Hey, @muhammadhateeb you found a smart portable printer which is very useful in many ways print anywhere any time just in few commands need easy to use and comes in the normal price range overall great hunt

Hello hunter! Your hunt is interesting. Here is my pros and cons comment for you:


  • Can connect to mobile and tablet
  • Easy to use
  • Small and light
  • Do not need ink


  • None for your hunt

You can easy to use it. I want this printer for my girlfriend as a gift. Thank you for sharing this photo printer.

@muhammadhateeb I liked the product. Useful for instant pics..

Keep hunting good products my friend..


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