SkymatiX X-F1 - The drone spray 10 L of agricultural chemicals and water

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SkymatiX X-F1

The drone spray 10 L of agricultural chemicals and water



Hunter's comment

Hi! I am a university student who loves the latest device.


I introduced an innovative DRONE called SkymatiX X-F1.


  • The drone spray 10 L of agricultural chemicals and water.

  • You can easy to use it.

  • It is also water resistant.

  • It maximum speed is 60 km/h.

  • It is a specially design drone to spray mountain slopes based on X-F1.



Hunter: @muhammadhateeb

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I love this type of products. How beautiful those teams that in some way help our esteemed farmers to make their lives easier. This drone is suitable for spraying; but from my point of view as an agronomist: it is really useful in directed spraying for spot corrections. I would not recommend it to be used in large areas, because its capacity in liters would not cover much land and therefore multiple refills would wear its useful way. However, for floodlights it is perfect...!

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It's a beautiful Dorne. It has a total of eight propellers. Completed with an advanced autopilot system, the X-F1 provides precise product spray accuracy for time and material productivity. Very good property. If I was dealing with agriculture, I would like to buy this product.

Wow .. This will make the spraying of agricultural product more effective as it will do the task from above .. Cool hunt

Hye @muhammadhateeb Have a nice hunt, This drone has some killer features which attract me toward this drone. Thanks for sharing,

Application of pesticides on our farms just got easy with this massive drone .. Such a nice hunt here

WELL DONE @muhammadhateeb

Nice drone for farmers and it helps a lot and save time and energy. Thanks for sharing.

Woww! This is super helpful, especially for the farmers, this will in a way make our their life easier and better!

How spectacular, every day human work is less necessary, this drone is excellent over all those who have hectares of cultivation, the best thing is that it supports enough weight because its load is 10 liters ... congratulations hunters! ! I repeat, I love ... technology makes life easier ..

Very useful hunt @muhammadhateeb

Imagine a revolution in the world of agriculture in the future. Even farmers will be facilitated with various existing technologies. This ensures the profits obtained by farmers will be very maximum, because the costs can be reduced, and the maintenance time can be cut.

It looks is awesome. This is best for agriculture. It is useful for the farmer. It is also waterproof.

This is awesome... until Jeff Sessions uses it to spray your plants with Round-up.


for sure it will be used with round-up sigh

could be used as a weapon too, if you filled it with poison to dump on ISIS

Wow!! This would be very very sought for in the agricultural sector....


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