Jabra Elite 65e - Bluetooth noise cancelling earphones

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Jabra Elite 65e

Bluetooth noise cancelling earphones



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The Jabra Elite 65e wireless Bluetooth earphones uses active noise cancellation to make sure your calls and music have the best sound possible, even in the loudest environments.

The battery will last 13 hours with active noise cancellation off, and 8 hours with active noise cancellation on. And if the earphones do fun out of power they can be fully charged in only 2 hours.

Listen to your music the way you want to hear it, by personalising your sound with a customisable equaliser – your sound never sounded better.

Source:- Jabra

Price - £179.99

Check out the video below for more information.




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Jabra is a great brand and hope this one sounds perfect too. Design looks cool and the build quality will be good too.
Nice hunt

I’ve tried so many Bluetooth and even wireless one, but all can’t work more than this and I never enjoyed most of it because of the side noise. The ability of Jabra Elite 65e to reduce side noise makes me feel like to have it. Thanks for this idea.

This is one if it’s kind amidst earpiece. I kept imagine how it work and how it will cancel side noise, canceling of side noise is so cool because only the actual music will be listening to. I love this wonderful Bluetooth gadget

I have headphones almost equal to these and it sounds great, the price of these are a little high but it has very good finishes so the price is a fair bit.