Bamboo Keyboard - Eco Friendly Compact Wireless Keyboard

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Bamboo Keyboard

Eco Friendly Compact Wireless Keyboard



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This is an awesome Eco friendly wireless Bluetooth keyboard, and comes in 4 colours (citrus orange, blackberry, lime green and blue iris). Made from Bamboo, with built in battery that lasts for up to 30 days on a single charge. The keyboard works with most Bluetooth enabled devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktop PC's.

Make a statement in your home & office with our state-of-the-art 100% Bamboo Bluetooth Compact Wireless Keyboard

  • 78 smooth and comfortable keys
  • Compact, sleek and modern design
  • Built in rechargeable lithium-ion battery, lasts up to 30 days on a single charge
  • Receiving range up to 35 feet
  • Automatically goes into sleep mode when not in use
    Source - Impecca



Hunter: @mrfringe

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Building computer peripherals with recyclable and eco-friendly material is quite an interesting and thoughtful process. This would address the problem if disposing off scrap material.
Nice one!

That's awesome for eco keyboard. Wireless keyboard create from bamboo. And with battery life time up to 30 days in single charge, and automatically move to sleep mode when not in used.

The keyboard is not only beautiful, but the touch is great.Standard keyboard and mouse. So far so good. I liked the wooden look. I like the sound of the clicking keys, kind of reminds me of the old school keyboards. The keys are easy to is a pleasure to type with, and it's so clean. i can just wipe it down and it's a good as new
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I am very interested in this product. Because the computer is a machine, it sometimes makes me feel depressed, so I grow plants around my computer. However, it would be better if you use it with such a nature-friendly keyboard. People are also natural, so when you are with nature, it is very good for your health. I think it is a product that can keep health.


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Thank you very much miss @pialejoana

Well, This keyboard is too expensive. I am not going to pay $100 for this keyboard. It just looks like an old keyboard that's turned yellow with age. This keyboard is good for those who want something different.

An eco-friendly great keyboard. I really like the design and I'm thinking of taking this keyboard. Products that do not harm the world should always be supported.

A keyboard which is made from bamboo. nice!! I have only used a plastic keyboard. Typing experience will be different on this keyboard. I really want to use this keyboard.

Quite different from the usual plastic made keyboards. This one would at least decompose easily as compared to plastic. Despite that, it still has all the essential features that modern day keyboards have.

Very good design for this bamboo keyboard, especially the blue version. Sustainable and performing with its battery lasting up to 30 days on a single charge. Thans for sharing it @mrfringe

It is an interesting and smart idea to use a bamboo keyboard. It is eco friendly and also stylish. Great hunt.

Cool and useful product and perfect alternative of conventional keyboards and more useful too it not only looks attractive and beautiful but also help reduce dangerous plastic. Awesome Hunt

Keyboard is made of bamboo. WOW! I have never heard of that. Great hunt, @mrfringe! It is environment friendly!


I'd never heard of a bamboo keyboard either, thank you for checking it out.


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This is an outstanding eco keyboard♻️👍 Good hunt!