WearWorks - Smartwatch helps Navigate Surroundings Through Touch

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Smartwatch helps Navigate Surroundings Through Touch



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'WearWorks' is a navigation device which helps users get from point A to point B without having to look down at maps apps on their phones. WearWorks was originally developed as a navigation aid for visually impaired people, but research surrounding it quickly showed the imperative impact this technology could have on the everyday consumer.

This haptic device, which connects to a maps app, uses the sense of touch to guide users to their location. A hands-free method provides for a safer, and more efficient commute as it allows the user to focus on their surroundings. WearWorks can be used as a valuable resource for any biker, walker, or driver trying to navigate an unfamiliar route.

This technology aims to change the way people connect, and interact with their environment, creating a smarter, and safer way to explore.




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With this smart watch, you will never miss your way again
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