BACKDOOR - CLASSIC - new 4-person tent

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new 4-person tent



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Hunter's comment

Hallo Hunter.
For those of you who have a hobby of adventure, of course the place to rest during the trip is the main thing that needs to be prepared.
Are you still using an ordinary tent that takes a lot of time to install it? it's just a waste of energy, now I want to introduce a tent that is very innovative that can give you convenience when doing adventure. BACKDOOR is the name for this tent, the classic design with two layers and has a capacity of 4 people makes this tent different from the others. to be able to use this tent we only need a pump to fill the air in the tent frame.

The size of the tent:




Hunter: @moersal

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Great hunt @moersal Easy to built up and carry around! This is the tent for nowadays camper, adventurer and traveler!

Keep up the hunts and enjoy the day @moersal

Very happy to be able to spend the night in the small tent, everyone feels comfortable with their trip if a small tent has been prepared.


thank you for choosing my product for your upvote @syehlah

This tent is excellent for adventure places. This product weight is 13 lbs, it is a normal weight of a tent we can carry it. And it has 4 people capacity so it is good.

Cool! An air pumped tent that can accommodate 4 people at once. This will be good for a small family camping experience.

Great hunt for campers like me mate I'm a little old fashioned guy with my 5 year old tent but that one looks so good so I can replace it with that one


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Thank you for Approved my hunts @geekgirl

(1) Installation is quite easy as it is required to pump to only fill the air within the tent frame.
(2) It saves a lot of time and energy.
(3) It can accommodate 4 people.

Thank you....steem on that hunt.

a very cool tent
this is perfect for me who often do adventure,
easy to carry and also easy to install tents


thank you for choosing my product for your upvote @amar92

When adventuring it will be lovely to have such tent as a small shelter which can contain multiple people. I love this ideal and it beautifully designed and portable

The name sounds like a sleazy gay bar, but it looks like a great product! I would love to stay in this tent! good hunt

Look like very sturdy tent. I love camping outdoors, and tent is a must😊


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