Logosol F2 Chain Sawmill - Transform your chainsaw into a sawmill

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Logosol F2 Chain Sawmill

Transform your chainsaw into a sawmill



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Hunter's comment

Hey hunters,

I got a really cool find for you, it's definitely an innovated engineering design that will help many people. Today I present to you the Logosol, a portable sawmill that is powered by your personal chainsaw!

With this awesome piece of equipment you can turn logs into boards on the spot without having to drag your trees to a sawmill.

Not only is Logosol extremely easy to use, it also makes precision cuts like a professional sawmill.

This chain sawmill will save a ton of money on buying boards and make life easy for people who are building in places where they don't have quick access to a sawmill.

Thanks for stopping by friends.




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Awesome! Thanks friend 😃

excellent idea, this fixture give us a handy mini sawmill to work with. this will help the professionals to save time, transportation and effort. no need to depend upon sawmills and wait for our turn. the excellent feature is we can cut in angles. awesome, little things doing great jobs. excellent hunt!


I couldn't agree more! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :0)

Omg this is a great machine to have for building log homes or a log bunkie. I would love to mill my own logs and build a cottage one day. I can cut perfect notches in big logs so I might actually do it


I thought the exact same thing about a cottage deep in the woods somewhere. I love finding things like this that make me more self sufficient. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, take care :)

This is somethin' else! Portable, well made and durable with an instant access to creating one's own lumber........ how can you go wrong! Nice one!


Agreed! I was stoked when I found this because it is actually something I would love to have and use because I got a shit ton of trees on my property. Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave a comment ;0)

I am stunned by the flawless engineering design that transform a chainsaw into a sawmill, with this sawmill business can start on a small scale


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