Solar Air conditioner

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Atlantis Solar A/C – DC Univer

Portable ASAC-2300R 340W


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Hunter's comment

This is used for Solar can be used while AD DC. cooling Power 2300 BTU actually quite convenient to use. The LCD display is and include Timer, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours of time . Battery Solar recharge. Room can be convenient for those who want to install the Air conditioner. You can easy carry on with the necessary offices and other places. 5C temperatures up to 35 C can control. Because the left and right sides of the bitter cold, balanced diet.



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Hello Hunter, before I approve, Please change the product name to the correct name.

Kindly TAG my name at the comment section after you make the change. Thank You :)


I have been changed product name. Thank you