Turbocash - Software accounting application

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Software accounting application





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TurboCASH is a source software package application for accounting purposes. It helps managing general ledger, tracking transactions and even help you analyze financial reports.

This application is mostly meant for small to medium businesses and also can be used for home financial auditing.

With this accounting system, you have the ability to produce financial analysis. Sharing of accounting data is also possible with this software through cloud. A good way to send accounting audits to other workers.

You can run this software in Desktop, Cloud, Tablet and Phone.

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The software can help you to do accounting easily.
Open source software and anti-virus free.
Reasonable price and nice design.

None I can see


  • Can be used on mobile and desktop platforms
  • Open source software
  • Allows you to keep your business accounts accurately
  • Fair price


  • it's a very good program, there's no cons

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thank you for verifying my hunt.

Pros :

  • It has relatively great design feature.
  • It is good for video recording.
  • The price is affordable and not expensive.

Cons :

  • No cons I can think of.

Great hunt here


  • This a striking software that is ideal for small or even huge businesses
  • Provides financial assistance
  • Suitable for other devices
  • It saves your time and hassle free
  • Easily set up and functional software


  • I didn't see any cons so far :)

Pros :

  • Less weight
  • Price is less
  • Run on different platforms including Desktop, Cloud, Tablet
  • good is it's open source

Cons :

None for this


  • Helps with tracking transactions
  • Compatible with various types of devices
  • Efficient data sharing through cloud
  • Helps with analyzing financial reports


  • None that I can see

A great hunt! Have a good day :)


  • None compared to many equivalent solutions in the market


  • Only suitable for some accounting transactions
  • Built on aging database technology
  • Slow
  • Not truly open source


an excellent software to help you do the "math".
Easy and friendly for users to start with
price is affordable

None from what I see


  • You will receive a quick response.

  • It is not necessary to go to a physical branch, but it is an operation that you can perform from the comfort of your home.

  • No endorsement or payroll is required, the requirements are minimal.


  • Varies depending on the country.


Great design
Lightweight making it easily transportable
Video recording in 4K
Reasonable price


None that I can see at this time


Duplicate-comment-belongs with another listing-Sorry

*can be used across many different platforms
*the software is open source so you can customize this software for your small business
*free to use
*eliminates the need for spreadsheets and other old school accounting methods.

** not cons for this software


  • An Open Source project so you can use it for free and customize for your business.
  • Available in 25 languages so people around the world can use it easily.
  • Run on multi-platform including Desktop, Cloud, Tablet, Phone.


  • Have to pay if you want to use business version.

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Open source software
light weight compare to other similar softwares
saves your(your employee's) time


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