LG Styler - A closet that steam cleans your clothes

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LG Styler

A closet that steam cleans your clothes



Hunter's comment

I imagine a world where we can simply hang our clothes and they are refreshed in our closets for use the next day. We are not quite there but getting closer with this product.

LG Styler
A Refreshing Partner For Your Weekly Wash
Upgrade your laundry room with LG Styler. Refresh clothes between cleanings and reduce wrinkles and odors with the gentle power of steam. It even helps sanitize and removes allergens. Plus, it comes in white or espresso to complement the design of your ultimate laundry room.




Hunter: @metzli


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This looks nice. I could see a commercial use for this product in the accommodation industry. Imagine going to a business conference, and the hotel having a room full of these machines. Refresh your suit overnight while you sleep. They could be set up vending machine style... Imagine if they could accept STEEM as payment - paying for steam with STEEM, now there is a business idea.


I want one at me house.

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OK - I tried again. I double checked this time!

Person living alone will find this useful they can keep their clothes clean for the next day,and women's will also get much relaxed from washing those extra dirty clothes.This machine is unique and will be a need in every home in near future,all I can say is great work keep bringing new features to it.

The ideal world, everything would be within reach